• Ccarbe6062

    Ever wonder if Kenny the Shark had a CGI Disney movie? I know I have.

    Comedy, Action, Drama, Cartoon/Animation


    Bored and tired of living under the sea as a "predator", Kenny (Christopher Carbery), a tiger shark,

    has left himself no choice but to move himself to land.

    And just so that happens, Kat has adopted him as a house pet.

    However, he must adapt himself to the placid ways of suburban family life.

    If not, he'll be put back out to sea, which would mean giving up his best friend Kat, which would be unthinkable!

    Christopher Carbery as the voice of Kenny the Shark

    Selena Gomez as the voice of Kat

    Eric Bauza as the voice of Marty the Dog

    Adam DeVine as the voice of Dan the Hammerhead

    Thomas Middleditch as the voice of Burton Plushtoy III

    Mark Mothers…

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  • Tylerfishfingersthegreatandnoble232

    Each page on characters has an "Appearence and Personality" section. I was thinking of spliting that into two seperate sections; one "Appearence", and the other "Personality". 

    Just letting everyone know. 

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  • Tylerfishfingersthegreatandnoble232

    That's right. Kenny The Shark offically turns 10 today! YAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that's enough.

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  • Tylerfishfingersthegreatandnoble232

    Kenny's 10th anniversary is tommorow. So expect a FLOOD of data in preparation for the big event. 

    I know it's actually like his 15th, given his origin as an internet feature, but I'm going with the show. 

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  • Tylerfishfingersthegreatandnoble232

    This is tylerfish again. Everything in my last blog post was totally bogus. Lies from beginning to end.

    I'd rather not be an admin- it seems like a big responsibility. Instead, I shall become a MAJOR-LEAGUE contributor, rewriting and polishing articles to how I see fit. 

    But I still have a couple recommendations. 

    1. Don't copy off the Wikipedia article. 

    2. Articles should also be about episodes and cast and crew, and not just characters.

    3. Nuff said. 

    P.S. There's only one reason I watch Kenny The Shark. Want to know?

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  • Tylerfishfingersthegreatandnoble232

    I am tylerfishfingersthegreatandnoble232, and I am here to save this wiki. 

    That means I'll be giving the orders from now on, contributing my knowledge and overseeing every last byte of data that goes through. 

    I think I've said enough. Now to work!

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