The Phoebes are the minor anti-heronies in Kenny the Shark.


The first one is a blonde Caucasian with blue eyes, sunglasses, and a light purple shirt with a picture of a fish of indeterminant species on it.

The second one is Latina with green eyes and short brown hair.

The last one is an African-American whose eyes are brown and whose brown hair is kept in a short ponytail.


They are three girls and sarcastic who show up every now and then to pick on Kat.

The Phoebes, like most cartoon cliques, are sarcastic and dry wit. They see Kat and Oscar as kind of weird, and would like them to be normal- mainly Kat, who they refer to as "The Littlest Nerdmaid" and "Sea Dweeb". More often than not, they tend to call Kat "dork" before correcting themselves. Little is known about their individual personalities. 


The Phoebes first appeared in "Cat Scratch Fever" as the former main villians. Kat wanted to be friends with them thinking they like aquatic animals (due to the blonde Phoebe's shirt), but was repelled by their sarcasm. The next day, however, was Pet Day at school, and upon seeing Kenny, they began attending to Kat's every whim. But they soon changed their minds when Kenny became the prime target of another student's cat

The blonde Phoebe made a solo appearence in "Who Framed Kenny The Shark?"


  • Kat dislikes them as she says she wishes Kenny would eat them if it weren't illegal.
  • They are also very ignorant because they adopt a big and mean shark thinking it was cute because of the film Finding Nimoy (a parody of the Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo).
  • The blonde and Latina Phoebes wear sandals.
  • The Latina Phoebe suffers from the same hair problem as Kat; it changes from straight to 50's and back again in the same scene.
  • The blond Phoebe appears to be the leader.

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