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  • Kenny The Hero / Whaling On Kenny
  • His Fate Is Sealed / Surf's Up 
  • Regime Change / Boy Trouble
  • Kenny-napped! / Kenny The Dad
  • Kenny The Movie / Goodbye Old Chum 
  • Shark Shrunk / Kenny The Star
  • Oceans's Three / Antiques Roadshark 
  • Mr. Popularity / How To Succed In Business
  • Over The Ocean / A Dog's Life
  • Nobody Move / Seasick
  • Kenny The Rock Star / Scaredy-Shark
  • Revenge Of The Shark Nerd / Bed And Breakfast
  • Lawn Shark / All You Can Eat 
  • Kenny At The Beach / Snow Day
  • Kenny Grasps With His Feet On The Couch / Bad Day 

Trivia Edit

  • For Season One, click here.

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